All you need to know about boiler cover

Boilers are the core to your heating system and they might breakdown anytime. Boilers start developing bugs as they age. Problems could be either small or major enough to warrant a replacement. Boiler repairs are expensive and may become unaffordable at times. It is also mandatory to carry out boiler service once in a year for efficient functionality and safety. Boiler cover is insurance for your boiler which will benefit you in a variety of ways. Now let us look at what are the various things that are covered in a boiler cover.


1. One of the biggest and guaranteed benefits of purchasing a boiler cover is that you are eligible for an annual boiler service free of cost. Unlike other insurance where benefits can be availed only when there is an unfortunate event, a boiler cover is beneficial as it covers the cost of boiler service.

2. Another mandate of the landlords is to ensure that the gas appliances in their home are audited for safety once in a year and be gas-safe certified. You need to call a gas-safe engineer to test all the appliances and get it certified. This process is not free and it involves some cost. When you are under a boiler cover this process is free and it will be handled by the same agency. They will send a gas-safe certified engineer to inspect your home and assign the certificate.

3. As mentioned above, boilers are prone to problems which can be unexpected at times. As and when you detect a problem in your boiler you can just call our helpline and we will send our engineer within 24 hours to get your boiler fixed. Our boiler cover includes the cost of both the labor charges and also the cost of the parts that needs to be replaced. This ensures complete peace of mind for you.

4. One of the additional benefits of opting for our boiler cover is the priority service. If you are protected under a boiler cover and call for engineer visit, an engineer will be sent to your place with a top priority. During winter boiler breakdowns are common and engineers will be of high demand. When a customer is under a boiler cover, it is our responsibility to attend to their calls immediately.

5. In a previous post we discussed about the importance of removing sludge and debris in your radiators and pipes as it may degrade the performance of your boiler. People who have opted for boiler cover get this service for free. Most companies offer a free service to clean out sludge and debris that may have been accumulated inside the pipes. This not only enhances the performance but also increases the life of the boiler.

With all the benefits of boiler cover it is a sensible thing to opt for it. We at Heatworks offer a fair and transparent agreement for the boiler cover. It is important that you go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing the boiler cover. Also check for the claim settlement ratio of the company before opting for the same.